CastleVille – the latest video game craze

CastleVille – the latest video game craze

For millions of fans who wanted to command their own castle, the new game CastleVille is giving them the opportunity to do so – at least in the online world. Released earlier this month by Zynga, the world’s leading social game developer, this is the newest game in the “Ville” franchise. Other games in this series that includes FarmVille, FrontierVille, and CityVille. CastleVille, set in a fantasy/medieval setting, allows players to help each other build the kingdoms.

“With CastleVille, we set out to develop a fun and social experience that delivers and improves upon all the innovative social and emotional elements our players love,” said Bill Jackson, Creative Director of Zynga Dallas. “We also wanted to bring a higher level of production quality to the “Ville” franchise – from the stunning scenery and magnificent castles, to the playful characters, beautiful music and deep narrative. We poured our passion for ‘play’ and ‘social’ into every detail.”

The game was launched on November 14th, and after six days reached over 5 million users. According to GameZebo, CastleVille “offers a beautiful, refined experience for existing “Ville” fans with more things to do and a more inviting world to do it in that’s full of character.”

The features of CastleVille include:

Create Your Castle – Express yourself by building the castle of your dreams and transforming the unexplored land into your very own kingdom.

Collaborative Crafting – Craft art, armor and potions to help you and your friends complete epic quests and challenge the forces of the Gloom.

Love Thy Neighbor – A new and improved reputation system gives you more reasons to be friendly. Spend your reputation points on amazing rewards and treasures – the more social you are, the more reputation points you earn and the faster you can progress in the game.

Explore the World – This isn’t your average fairytale ending. Choose your own path to discover mysterious locations, find rare items and reveal hidden characters.

Characters With Character – Unlock new and exotic personalities:

  • Yvette – the striking maiden with a voice so beautiful, it attracts all, good and bad
  • George – raised as a village-plundering Viking, George has some baggage. His kind heart led to banishment and his current life as a peaceful miner
  • Sonja – the sexy pirate with a weakness for booty (pirate’s booty, that is)
  • Rafael – the playboy woodsman who takes every opportunity to show off his muscles
  • Tom – the rough and tumble dragon slayer

Beautiful art and animation bring the memorable characters and scenery to life, and for the first time in a social game, it will bring unique music to players’ ears, with an original orchestral music composition, recorded in Seattle with a 75-piece orchestra and full choir.

CastleVille is available on Facebook in 17 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Japanese and Thai.

Sources: Zynga, GameZebo

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