A Tower on the Gourmet Road : The Cathedral, Torre Civica and Piazza Grande, Modena

A Tower on the Gourmet Road : The Cathedral, Torre Civica and Piazza Grande, Modena

This is Modena, a city located in northern Italy with a population of around 170,000 people. It still retains much of its medieval character.
Since Roman Times, the city has prospered due to its strategic position on the Emilia Road.

The Emilia Road, constructed around 2 B.C., has been the primary route connecting the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean Sea coasts. Modena is located in the middle of this route.

The old city square, the Cathedral and the Bell tower are inscribed as World Heritage. This Cathedral was built in the 12th century and is regarded as a masterpiece of Italian Romanesque Architecture. The central window is shaped in the form of a rose flower. The Wall made of marble bricks is carved with reliefs portraying scenes from the Bible.
It depicts the fears, hopes, faith and spirituality of medieval people.
The belfry rises as high as 88 meters and is also made of marble. It has been a landmark to travellers on the Emilia road while announcing the time to the citizens of Modena.

A wide variety of food products are sold at the markets in Modena. Cities along the Emilia Road are known for producing good quality products, and the road is hence also referred to as the Gourmet Road.
Parma is renowned for their quality raw ham products and Bologna for Salami. They are both neighbouring cities of Modena.

Balsamic vinegar is also one of the local specialities that originated in Modena more than 1000 years ago. This precious seasoning ingredient has been highly valued among the nobles throughout history.
Balsamic vinegar is made from grapes.

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