Medieval Art and Architecture after the Middle Ages

Medieval Art and Architecture after the Middle Ages

Medieval Art and Architecture after the Middle Ages

Edited by Janet T. Jordan

Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4438-0057-0

Medieval Art and Architecture after the Middle Ages explores the endurance of and nostalgia for medieval monuments through their reception in later periods, specifically illuminating the myriad ways in which tangible and imaginary artifacts of the Middle Ages have served to articulate contemporary aspirations and anxieties. The essays in this interdisciplinary collection examine the afterlife of medieval works through their preservation, restoration, appropriation, and commodification in America, Great Britain, and across Europe from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. From the evocation of metaphors and tropes, to monumental projects of restoration and recreation—medieval visual culture has had a tremendous purchase in the construction of political, religious, and cultural practices of the Modern era. The authors assembled here engage a diverse spectrum of works, from Irish ruins and a former Florentine prison to French churches and American department stores, and an equally diverse array of media ranging from architecture and manuscripts to embroidery, monumental sculpture, and metalwork. With applications not only to the study of art and architecture, but also encompassing such varied fields as commerce, city planning, education, literature, collecting and exhibition design, this copiously illustrated anthology comprises a significant contribution to the study of medieval art and medievalism.

Articles include:

Reviving the past greatness of the Florentine people’: Restoring Medieval Florence in the Nineteenth Century, by Nancy MacKay Thompson

Queen Mary and her Psalter: a Gothic Manuscript in Tudor England, by Anne Rudloff Stanton

A Novel Restoration: Medievalism and Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century Restoration of the Windows of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, by Alyce Jordan

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