Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

Game of Thrones – Review of Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

In this week’s episode, we wrap up where all our other characters left off – Arya, Theon, Rob, Jamie, Bran and Sansa. It was another recap styled showed to help reconnect everyone to the main storyline and although there was little action, there was excellent dialogue and a captivating plot line.

I really enjoyed the dialogue between Catelyn and Talisa. it was a bit of a shocker to hear Catelyn admit to her mistreatment of Jon Snow and that she blames herself for the fall of her house because of it. It was a very candid and honest conversation. I always wondered at Catelyn’s disdain for Jon; instead of being angry with Ned, she took it out on a child. It struck me as odd but this snippet of conversation explains her position and her awareness that she directed her anger at the wrong person. I really liked this scene and I think it was Catelyn’s way explaining herself to Talisa.

Bran, Jon and Arya were all given brief scenes. Arya is taken captive and almost makes her exit until The Hound exposes her to her captors. Exit strategy foiled. Bran keeps having his strange dreams and meets up with the brother and sister duo of Meera and Jojen Reed. Jojen has the ability to foretell the future through his dreams. Meanwhile, Jon is still trying his hardest to convince Mance Rayder he is loyal to the Wildlings. Mance makes it clear he that while he likes Jon, he has no qualms killing him if he senses any deception.

Two other pieces of dialogue captured my interest in this week’s show: Cersei and Joffrey and Margery and Joffrey. Cersei, as much as you may dislike her, is trying her best to advise Joffrey on how to be a better ruler and how to read people. She knows the “ins and outs” of politics yet, he refuses to heed her warnings or take any guidance from her. She tries to point out some of Margery’s short comings but Joffrey chooses to ignore her and calls the conversation one of the most boring he’s ever had. It’s too bad he wasn’t paying more attention to Cersei because it turns out that she is right – Margery may look like a flighty, submissive girl but she’s smart as a whip and uses her feminine guiles to her advantage. After Sansa admits that Joffrey is a monster, Margery makes wise use of that information and shows how deftly she can handle her psychotic fiancé. Margery is not frightened one whit about Joffrey being horrible – she just wants to know who she’s dealing with so she can make her next move. When she encounters him alone in his quarters and he begins to mistreat her and question her loyalty, Margery manages to placate Joffrey easily by tapping into his dark side to get him to trust her. She will be one to watch this season – she is far better equipped to handle him then Sansa.

My only complaints were with Theon’s scenes. They were so quick and explained nothing that I felt they were thrown in for good measure not because they added to the story, but because they felt they had to update us on his whereabouts. I’d rather they had devoted at least five minutes to fleshing out his plight because his captive scenes were just confusing.

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