Articles about Charlemagne, his heirs, and the Carolingian empire

Security and insecurity of identity and status in the Frankish elite, by Stuart Airlie

Charlemagne’s court library revisited, by Donald A. Bullough

Why Eastern Women Matter: The Influence of Byzantine Empresses on Western Queenship during the Middle Ages, by Nolen Bunker

Monetary Unification in the Ancient World, by Teresa Caruso

Regna et Regnum: Studies of Regions within the Carolingian Empire, by Cullen J. Chandler

Central Places in un-central Landscapes. The Tuscany of “weak-Towns” between Lombards and Carolingians (AD 600- 900), by Carlo Citter

The Pursuit of Knowledge in Carolingian Europe, by John J. Contreni

Pont-de-l’Arche or Pitres? A location and archaeomagnetic dating for Charles the Bald’s fortifications on the Seine, by Brian Dearden and Anthony Clark

The epic tradition of Charlemagne in Italy, by Jane E. Everson

The Treaties of the Carolingians, by Francois L. Ganshof

The role of Frankish and Papal missi in diplomatic exchanges in the eighth century, by Carla M. Heelan

Quentovic defined, by David Hill

Pathways of Power in late-Carolingian Catalonia, by Jonathan Jarrett

Karlsgrab: The Site and Significance of Charlemagne’s Sepulcher in Aachen, by John F. Moffitt

Elites in the reign of Charlemagne, by Jinty Nelson

The recruitment of armies in the early middle ages: what can we know? by Timothy Reuter

The Saxons within Carolingian Christendom: post-conquest identity in the translationes of Vitus, Pusinna and Liborius, by Eric Shuler

The Battle of Tours-Poitiers Revisited, by William Watson

The rise of the Carolingians or the decline of the Merovingians? by Emily Wilson

How Popular Was Early Medieval Devotion?, by Ian Wood

Bastards or Kings or Both? Louis III and Carloman in Late-Medieval French Historiography, by Sanford Zale

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