Medievalists on Twitter

Medievalists on Twitter

Although it only started in 2006, Twitter has become one of the most important forms of social media that exist online. With over 140 million users worldwide, this microblogging site has a huge reach and allows people and organizations to send messages and offer their news and views.

For people interested in the Middle Ages, Twitter can also be a useful source of news and information. One drawback to Twitter is that it is sometimes difficult to find who to follow, so we have made a list of Tweeters who regularly post about medieval history or related items. These include historians, writers, organizations, and a wide variety of other organizations.

@acmrs_org – Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

@ahrcpress – Arts and Humanities Research Council

@andrewdbuck – Andrew Buck, PhD student at QMUL

@ArchaeologyDN – Archaeology Daily

@archaeologymag – Archaeology Magazine

@ArchEurope – David Beard

@ashgatehistory – Ashgate History

@Baltic_Crusades – Ecology of Crusading research project

@battlecastle – Battle Castle

@BBCHistoryMag – BBC History Magazine

@bbcwaleshistory – BBC History Wales

@BirkbeckEMS – Birkbeck Early Modern Society

@Bizantinística – Sociedad Española de Bizantinística / Spanish Society of Byzantine Studies

@blmedieval – Medieval Manuscripts from the British Library

@bodleianlibs – Bodleian Libraries

@BorderlinesIE – Borderlines – Annual postgraduate conference in medieval and early modern studies

@Boydell – Boydell and Brewer

@Brepols – Brepols Publishers

@Brightweavings – Guy Gavriel Kay, author

@britishlibrary – British Library

@britishmuseum – The British Museum

@byzantinephil – Byzantine Philology

@cameronmcnabb – Cameron McNabb

@canMedievalists – Canadian Society of Medievalists

@CathHanley – Catherine Hanley, writer and researcher

@Chadwickauthor – Elizabeth Chadwick, author

@Charlemagne800 – Charlemagne, Carolingian Emperor

@ChaucerDaily – Daily Chaucer Quote

@chuckjones2000 – Chuck Jones, great source to find online resources

@CosmestonArch – Cosmeston Archaeology, Cardiff University’s excavations at the medieval settlement of Cosmeston

@ContinuumHist – Continuum History, publisher of medieval history books

@CryForByzantium – Tweeting the history of the Byzantine Empire

@diammpub – Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

@DurhamMRPDG – postgraduate group of medievalists and Renaissance scholars from the University of Durham

@EHArchaeology – English Heritage Archaeology

@EileenAJoy – Eileen Joy, medievalist and another editor of In the Middle

@enghistrev – English Historical Review, journal

@EnglishHeritage – English Heritage

@erik_kwakkel – Erik Kwakkel, Paleographer at Leiden University

@GettyMuseum – J. Paul Getty Museum

@gotmedieval – Carl Pyrdum

@Happy_Historian – Happy Historian

@Henry3FineRolls – Henry III Fine Rolls project

@Heraldictime – Eion, author of the website Heraldic Times

@HeritageKey – Heritage Key

@HigginsArmory – Higgins Armory Museum

@HistoryatCamb – Cambridge University Press

@HistoryCompass – History Compass journal

@historyfaculty – The History Faculty (podcasts)

@history_geek – Holly Tucker, historian

@historynetwork – History Network

@historyscientis – History Scientist, who runs the History Books Review blog

@HistoryTODAY – History Today

@historytweeter – A Blog about History

@ihr_history – Institute of Historical Research (IHR)

@IMRSDurham – Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham University

@JacquesLGoff – Jacques Le Goff, French historian

@jeffreyjcohen – Jeffrey J. Cohen – editor of In the Middle

@Jorvikviking – Jorvik Viking Centre (York, England)

@KarlSteel – Karl Steel, Brooklyn College Medievalist and editor of In the Middle

@KedlestonDerby – Kedleston Re-enactment Group

@kingsCHS – Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College London

@KzooICMS – International Congress on Medieval Studies

@LCMRS – Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

@LeVostreGC – Chaucer Doth Tweet

@MancMedSoc – Manchester Medieval Society

@ManeyHistory – Maney Publishing

@MedievalArchive – Medieval Archives (website)

@Medievalbooks – recently published medieval history books on

@medievalchron – The Medieval Chronicle Society

@MedievalG – Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey

@medievalissa – Melissa Snell, editor of’s Medieval History section

@medievalist1 – John Hosler, medieval historian

@Medievalists – us!

@medievalpecia – Jean-Luc Deuffic on medieval manuscripts

@medievalqub – Medieval Studies staff and students at Queen’s University Belfast

@MedievalVellum and @Medievaulting – the blogger duo of Vaulting and Vellum

@MedievalWorld – Becky C., editor of The Medieval World

@metmuseum – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

@MuseumSecrets – Museum Secrets, a new television show

@mwidner – Mike Widner, medievalist

@nationaltrust – National Trust

@NetSERFMedieval – NetSERF medieval website

@NewportShip – Newport Medieval Ship

@ojarus – Owen Jarus, who now writes on Unreported Heritage News

@oldenglishblog – Old English Blog

@OspreyBooks – Osprey Publishing

@OUPblogUSA – Oxford University Press

@PalgraveHistory – Palgrave

@postmedieval – postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies

@prof_gabriele – Matthew Gabriele, editor of Modern Medieval

@quidplura – Jeff Sypeck, writer and medievalist

@rachel_gibbons – Rachel Gibbons, medieval historian

@RoutledgeHist – Routledge Publishing

@S_Higginbotham – Susan Higginbotham, author

@Sarah_Peverley – Sarah Peverley

@schoenbergdb – The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts from the University of Pennsylvania

@scotsjourney – Scott Jenkins

@shewolfmanc – Hannah Priest – see her blog She-Wolf

@ShireHistories – Emily Brand, Assistant Editor for Shire Publications

@simonjohn85 – Simon John, PhD student at the University of Swansea

@SocMedArch – Society for Medieval Archaeology

@sirthopas – blogs on the site puremedievalry

@Steven_Till – Steven Till, editor of

@TheHistoryPress – The History Press

@TheJohnRylands – John Rylands Library

@TischMiscellany – Tisch Library, which is highlighting its medieval, renaissance and 17th-century single leaf items

@TowerHousehold – Tower and Household historical conference to be held in Dundee August 2011

@Tudorscribe – Nancy Bilyeau

@UkNatArchives – National Archives UK

@umbertoeco_ – Umberto Eco, Italian medievalist and novelist

@usacastle – Ozark Medieval Castle

@V_and_A – Victoria and Albert Museum

@VOTPnews – Voices of the Past

@walters_museum – Walters Art Museum

@Warburg_News – Warburg Institute, University of London

@warwickcastle – Warwick Castle

@wessexarch – Wessex Archaeology

@WhitbyAbbey – Whitby Abbey

@WillNoel – William Noel, curator at Walters Art Museum

@yorkwalls – Friends of York Walls

@3pipenet – Three Pipe Problem

@5MinMedievalist – Daniele Cybulskie, medievalist

This is not a complete list, and we are sure that their are more Twitterers for us to add – send us a tweet or email (medievalists(at) and we would be glad to include you!

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